Hey y’all! My name is Caitlin Minton and I have been practicing Massage Therapy in New Mexico and Colorado since 2007. I graduated from Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute in August 2007. The reason I got into massage therapy is because I massaged all of my friends and family when I was younger. I enjoy taking care of people, am empathetic, and a good listener. I’m very excited to be practicing in Nob Hill, in my own neighborhood.

I was inspired to start my own practice following an injury. I was in a lot of pain and could not wait for an appointment. No one I knew was  available that day to give me a massage and I found a business on Google. I called to make sure the therapist could do deep tissue and could specifically work on my hip and lower back. She didn’t address my injury and gave me a full body Swedish massage. That’s something I’ll never do to my clients.

I won’t promise to fix you but I will work within my scope of practice to assist you and listen to you.